TablerTV Driver

(There is no need for driver installation if you use iStick with TablerTV.)

windows logo Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP(64bit / 32bit) v4.2001R6S (release date: 20200114)
mac logo Mac OSXv4.1906S (release date: 20190709)
linux logo Ubuntu / Fedorav.4.1808S (release date: 20181101)

TablerTV and iStick Start Guides

TablerTV-Start-Guide (70 inch)
TablerTV-Start-Guide (except 70 inch)
iStick Start Guide
Stand Start Guide

Wireless Meeting Tool: AirScreen

(Connect your client to server on iStick A200 and enjoy your AirScreen.)

Server Run on iStick A200
Client Run on Windows 7/8