Flat-Touch ☆ TablerTV 85" Touch Overlay for Samsung QN85Q70TAFXZA

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Easy to Turn Your TV into a Flat Touch Screen

Step 1: Unbox

02 5Min

Step 2: 5-min Assembly

Power on

Step 3: Power On & Get Started

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Optimized for Productivity


Jot sticky notes, sketch, and draw on screenshots with your pen in the Windows Ink Workspace.



More than 700,000 Apps from Microsoft Store

Almost everything you need for every industry can be found in Microsoft Store. Windows is the best productivity platform and Microsoft Store is providing all kinds of apps to meet your requests.

MS Store

4K Display Resolution, Great to Display Text & Drawing

4K resolution is essential for a large screen business touch display. For a 75" 1080p display, a single pixel size is almost 1mm large, it will be blurry and unconformable for your eyes while stand beside the screen. 4K resolution is 4x sharper than 1080p, which brings clear display effect and comfortable to use. 

Fast and Precise Touch Screen for Best Writing Experience

Good hand writing experience requires fast touch response and great touch accuracy. TablerTV Flat 4K Touch Display will automatically speed up to 200fps refresh rate when you are writing, besides that, our touch technology provides pixel-level touch accuracy which is 8x better than traditional touch technology.


Detecting Pen & Erase Automatically

· Write with touch pen

· Erase with touch eraser



HDMI 2.0

(4K @60Hz)

HDMI 1.4

(4K @30Hz)


30-day Return

No question asked.


Secure Shopping

256 bit encrypt connection.


100% Guaranteed

Keep every customer satisfied.

•  Free 1 Year Warranty

TablerTV warrants its hardware against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date it is shipped to the customer. In the event a reseller purchases a product from TablerTV and integrates it with a system, the warranty period begins on the original ship date from TablerTV. Warranty is void when failure of the product results from an accident, abuse, misapplication, modification, unauthorized maintenance or repair by the customer. Hazards such as lightning and flooding, as well as neglect of voltage specifications are not covered under warranty.

•  Extend Your Warranty to 3 Years

The price of warranty pack price depends on the value of TablerTV you have purchased.

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